Poli-yana Gover-avam

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romba yosikaren naan.. adhaaan indha time pass post...(Adult content not restricted to just 18 and above)

why do we say "don't create any politics" when we refer to some chaos or confusion..

Y have people made this word sound synonomous to confusion. Is that why it is so tough for many people to understand the politics created by "Mr/Ms. confuscious"'s????? What are the politicians gaining by intimidating 'sensible' people away from their arena? If someone asked me the about the last time I voted, neither am I able to recall the name of the people who stood for the big POSTS like CM/PM nor can I hardly recall the local politician's name for whom I voted for.

Most of them enter politics to find themselves a PROFESSION, some jump in to keep up the Family name...(roobha notela sirikudhu...kudumba peru...lol), some for popularity.......n what the hell.. where are the people who enter politics to SERVE people????

well to be frank, Educated people in India treat the Election date as a "HOLIDAY" and stay back home for all the special news bulletin or the FIRST time telecasted movies, people who are young vote for being the FIRST timer ;-) , people who are old are either helpless to go alone or if they do take their efforts to go and find out after standing in the queue that they have been officially "dead" in the voting list or their GHOST twin has already casted the vote...lol....and the UNEDUCATED lot is exploited for all the cheap alcohols or the WATER carriers of 'SARAVANA'S', last but not the least :NRI... NOT RESPONSIBLE for any politics happ in INDIA

all this should change.. and wht am i doing for this instead of VETTI-ly blogging....hmmm least ppl who read this will think a min or two about it.. that's the effort I could do... and maybe the NRI's would look into their "local" newspapers on the net to confirm their memory on the present CM and PM's names.... (let me do a google before someone asks me in comments section ...:-P)




tholaya pora ellarukkum....

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For past few days, life has been little busy. I have learnt to smile forgetting all my worries.... realised how much I get to lose simply worrying than trying to straighten things up..

well am in a phase of life.. when I would like to play SHIP-WRECK...and still cant think of any reason to justify my claim on the life boat...lol

Ippo thaan konjam friends gang form aana mathiri irukku...adhukkula i have to leave my current job.... well.. y does this always happen to me?? Losing friends is something not very easy for me... I hate it everytime this happens to me....

It is tough to bug those new friends through phone call or email when you are not very close to them.. at the same time.. u dont want to lose them forever.........

I dont know whether I added this in my TAG 7 but everytime i lose a friend I would like to pray to god... please make my memory RAM.... so that I can start and cont my life afresh without feeling that am missing them....



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Namma thalai porandha naalaikku ... pudhusa.. katchi araambichurukkom.....

Vaaanga Vaanga... indha pudhiya rowdy kumballukku unga aaadharavu irukkumnu illaina unga nenjula keera maanja soru veliya therikkum...lol...


Parisu venum ellarukkum

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I think the most recent post of Vinesh has caused a wave and Neha has posted a similar post in her blog too...

Instead of expressing my comments about this whole issue, I thought of sharing some thoughts of someone whom I was lucky to meet when I was almost in the beginning of my teen years.

Imagine visiting a relative or friend's place who have kids. What are the possible gift we would buy the kid. If the kid is a girl, we have too many choices for them with exclusive choices of dolls, varieties of dresses, jewellery, props and what not. There is no end to get a gift for a girl. What if the kid is a boy? Even if you list all possible things you could gift the boy, the amount of choices you might end up for a boy can never match the girl's list. The number of choices for gifts for guys is even less as his age becomes higher.

Second most important thing is that, pampering and cuddling given to the girl is more than the exhibit of affection shown towards the boy. This kind of attention is always more for a girl at whichever age she is in. This is also deprived for a boy as he grows. You can never imagine the boy being hugged by the "aunty" who is visiting his place with the boy starting in his teens or later ages. Girls are pampered and given more attention whatever their age might be. Also the only care or pampering or attention or cuddling is given to the boy as he grows is by the MOTHER Of the boy and no one else. FATHERS are usually not into hugging and cuddling or carressing and can't expect them to fulfill the "lack of affection" a BOY kid may miss over his growing years.

This kind of lack of affection makes the guy crave for a girl more than the girl craving for a guy. This kind of craving gets satisfied only when the guy finds his "mother" in another girl.This search of affection mostly gets to their destination at the wonderful bond called marriage. The gentle squeeze of hands, gentle hugs, puppy kisses, snuggling cuddles and big bear cozy hugs which the boy lacks over his growing years makes him give more attention to the "motherly" breasts in the opposite gender. The tendency of getting obsessed with something you are not able to obtain slowly grows in his mind and makes him yearn for it. This naturally makes the guy to pay more attention to something in a girl which he does not possess and which he thinks would make him feel more "loved" and "cared" for( though the boys can have friends of his own gender, the warmth and tenderness of the affection showed by the girl is irreplaceable).

This was the explanation "SHE" gave for guys either craving or more attention to breasts of woman. This explanation though I could not understand much at that age, did seap deep into my heart and made more sense as I grew up and got to know more guys. I would say this is more logical too. The guy who has relatively more women in his life (say sisters added to the default woman in his life ie. mother) would be more dignified when he meets the girls/women in the society at various situations in life. Is this the reason when the girl is getting abused by a guy, the first Q she asks is " are'nt u born with sisters??". Some guys misunderstand this thinking that the girl whom he is teasing is in an urge to meet her future in laws.. lol.. kodumaiyaaaaa ungaloda...

How can we change this? Well that is something to be pondered about. The way we bring up kids plays a vital role. If this is done properly, the kid will never get spoilt even when his friends are rogues who commit sexual harrassments.

Nature has differentiated men and women for its own cause. We can't redefine nature but we can reform ourselves and make this beatiful world a more loving place to enjoy every moment in life...


Nalam vaazha en vaazhuthukkal...

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En priyamanavaley... Nee pallaandu vaazha en vaazhthukkal...

"onru mudhal padhimoonru varai unnudan kazhitha naatkal anaithum inimai..
eppodu ninaithu paarthalum naam seidha kurumbugal anaithum pudumai..."

THis post is dedicated to my best friend in life. The last time I saw her must have been almost 4 or 5 yrs ago. Circumstances and ego problems of elders were causes that prevented us from keeping in touch. When I met her last she took me by surprise saying that she always remembers how everyday she used to be scared to enter her kitchen when she is alone at home and how she used to eat as soon as I went home.I also told her that I used to remem her bday but never bothered to wish for which she felt bad that I didn't. Though she is younger to me by six months, I have always been her baby-sitter...lol...... The day she told me this, I cried that night all alone and felt I really missed her.

Sept 16 is her bday and it has always been great with all the bday parties and celebrations in her house. I used to feel she was damn lucky to have such wonderful cake parties for all her bdays. SHe is indeed a friend for life and a wonderfully sweet thing happened to me in my life, someone who shared the BEST days of my childhood.

Little will she knw that the anonymous caller who wishes her every year on her bday was me :-) [called your home number during the last one hr of this wonderful day and was disappointed that no one picked the call]

My dear sweet heart... WIsh you many many more happy returns of this wonderful day. May that LORD bless you with whatever you wish for in your life.

Take care and I really miss you..


Still Dazed @ oor vambar's !!!!!

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Me and my lil world of me alone has been .. in a very confused state analyzing ANDHAR balti in my last post.... but well..... i guess the curse continues... lol...

After taking off for a couple of dayzzz...today I went back to office. I heard a whole bunch of Mr. Curio Questions from all my collegues. Looks like I have projected a picture of home--> office--> home --> office and my disapp for a couple of days made all of them forget their work and wonder where I had disappd to ;-)...indha makkal thirundhavey maatangala.. I thought only desi's behave like this..(my office has lots of desi's) but then my surprises grew with chinky's being curious about my disapp.... one whole bunch of people congradulated me.. making 'mIss SLeeepy' all the more wonder what the hell was wrong with all of them or is it something about me!@#$!%$#@~T%$# Onnum puriyala.. and to add more fire to the gas burning right next to me ( my team mate), I found out that there had been a rumor that I either quit job or got some job..... man..where the hell do they get all these news from @!#%@!%$#^ "VENDHA PUNNULA VELAI PAAICHUM SAMOOGAM".......endru thirunthum indha maanida piravi.. eppo dhaan indha vambu adikkum pudhi pogumo??? Kadavuley..... me... all the more confused about the whole hoooooo's and wooooo's and then it took some time for me to figure things out and then "SIM" the gas stove next to me and went back to work.. My Inbox was overflowing... my brain was STACK OVERFLOW with the happening of the day...

From next time, if i ever take off for a day am going to send out email to all employees in the office : " REQ for leave due to my friend's blog innauguration ceremony".....lol

well.....last but not the least (warning : kids below 18 kindly skip this part).... I thought of posting this pic with absolutely no connection to my post except that we share the common platform - windows illai... stop working people - the common platform am referring to is "rumor in office"..When I first got this pic as a fwd from one of my friend, I was not able to understand the pic @ first.....well it is a funny pic....the expressive mind behind the DESIGNER of this pic is amazing. While writing my blog i read a post by vinesh,about a sensitive issue in his

  • JUICe for SOUL
  • . I think any "taboo" is always of high secretive interests to people and the designer has exploited this to his advantage....


    Onnumey puriyalai...

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    Well off late things have been.... u know.... too confusing....

    Now am just blogging cos.. I need an outlet......

    People are of different kinds. Is understanding a human being such a difficult task? Do people around me have similar problems with me too? How do we analyze and get to know a person? Does a psychiatrist really understands all his patients? Does it mean that all of us should be students of that subject to understand people around us? This is one part of my thinking...

    Other part..is.. you think you have completely understood someone, well atleast you claim that you understand the 'thought' process of someone once you get really close to them, how sure can you get and at what point can you make this claim?

    Guess am thinking too much...lol.. enna panna once in a while when you become that Minnaley girl ( maddy engayya??? ) ..alone n thinking.. this is what happens...

    Last but not the least... How could people change overnight? Idukku peru dhaan andhar baltiya?? Kuranga pirakka vendiya jandhu ellam manushanaa pirandha idhaan gathi.....

    sukku... (romba yosikama poi thoongu.. this is what my friend wud tell me now.. GOSH I WISH LIFE WAS MUCH MORE SIMPLER MAYBE IT WUD HAVE BEEN IF I WERE BORN AS SOME OTHER LIVING BEING.... )

    Pillayar.. ennoda pillayar

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    Parkum pothu ellam oru nimmadhi... avar thaan ennoda fav Pillayar... Happy go lucky chap who symbolises the contention and wealth by his stature...

    Whenever I feel like I could walk to him when I was in chennai. I really miss this day of Vinayaga chaturthi. It is one of the festival I enjoy the most.

    To all of u.... Happy Vinayaga chaturthi..May that LORD shower all his blessings on all of us.

    To my dear Thalaivar..."Pirandha naal vazhthukkal.."

    Enrum un anbudan... konjam kavani thalaivaaaaa :-))


    Kadamai azhaithathu

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    Romba naala enna aalai kanomnu ennoda Fan club seruntha seitha SADHI thaan indha postkku moola karanam..aamamaiya.. i have been Tag!!D by BaBaRao

    Anbu thollai thaangama en kalai panniyanathai thondangugiren.. hehehehee

    Seven things you plan to do before you die!!

    Ulagam suthanam ( travel around the world)
    Become a 'Quiet' Person
    Read more books
    Have my own service organization
    Understand other "women"...lol...
    Write a code of 1000's of lines.. ( pincodaaa?? illai .. coding)
    Become a Samiyarini... after finishing my duties ...(romba too much...hehheheee)

    Seven things you can do!!
    Make more friends..
    Learn more languages
    Become a professional photographer
    Teach BaBaRao
    in becoming a better phone person..lol
    Write better blogs..rather than Tagging along
    Become lil serious about life..

    Seven things you can't do.

    Shut up
    Increase my tolerance
    Stop helping
    Stop expressing myself on issues
    Start hating someone I have ever liked/loved

    Seven things that attract you to the opposite sex!!

    Eyes n eyes n only eyes.. ( aiyo..what about the other six??)
    Care and affection
    Maturity and sense of responsibility

    Seven things you say most!!!

    Wht the hell???!#!@$!@
    Shit ( sometimes I try to subst 'Shoot')
    Perumaley ( oh my god!!!)
    Whats up?
    appuram vere enna matter?

    Seven celebrity crushes ( real time crush is easy to ans.. my celebs are )
    Ezhumalayanum thaayaarum
    Durgai amman
    Enda Guruvayurappa

    "yaaam petra inbam peruga ivvayagam" ennum uyarndha oru sithanthathai konda indha 'TaG' technologya naanum pin patri..ennudaiya EZHU natchatiramsaaa ulla iskaren...

    Prakasamaana edhirkalam varudappa indha Tag oda...
    Adengappa innum 5 pera??...
    Pudumaiyana Ezhukku..ansh...
    Kanaamal pona Chennai payya...
    Ezhu swarangaloda..anandan...
    GV...yoda ezhu ennangal...
    satham illama pona..saranyan...