Sutrum bhoomi surungudhey

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Naaah.. its not an astro-physics blog post. Its about the addictive concept of social networking.

To name a few orkut,bebo , myspace,, friendster, skyrock , hi5, youtube, linkedin,facebook, twitter.. the list seems endless. All of them is trying to serve one purpose, to connect their individual life into other person's world.

People no longer seem to have time to stop by for a coffee to catch up with an old friend. They simply login to facebook or follow their friend on twitter. Mobile space has quickly caught up to this trend and serves as a cyber 'cafe' to login to your account and to get upto the minute update about the other person's life.

Though am part of the networking crowd, I do have mixed views about this concept.

I have heard parents anxiety about how their kids no longer know to write proper english sentences with grammar, punctuations and spelling. I have seen gran-parents trying to setup facebook accounts to get updates from their 'grand-kids'. Can you believe this? Old people are forced to adapt to social networking to stay in touch with their family.

Apart from all this, these sites publish your day-to-day life to the world viz your friend list and their friends (depending on your privacy settings). The friend list starts out to be the small group you are interacting with which then expands out to all the long lost friends from school, high-school, college, grad-school and work place. Its fun and exciting to begin with but after the usual small talk in parties you have to move onto the next guest. The same happens after the usual 'hello's and how are you' in social networks too.

You are not the same tween-ager nor the same naughty school boy anymore. Things change around you, life changes your ways and habits and make you a different person but people from your past might not really know the new 'you' and there are surprises for all followed usually with comments that are seen even by your boss who is now 'connected' to you. Ouch... do you really want your boss to know what you did at your prom night or when you had your 'weed' experience (or) did your ever imagine your once gorgeous high school sweet-heart updating her status as to how much she misses dancing with you ;-)? Naaah.. i guess not...

Last stab to this is the twitter world.Its popularity is growing by leaps and bounds. Being a blogger myself, the concept of mini-blogging is very enticing. However anybody can follow anybody. An average person only tweets about once in his lifetime ie. once in 74 days. The tweeter usually likes to follow others lives but not really publish his own. It has its pro's and con's but nobody can deny the pandora tweet-box it opens to the public.

World shrinks n brings people close but how close is close enough to still have your privacy in check ?


Oru thuli visham

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  The study of humans are ever fascinating. One of my favourite hobbies when I travel and don't have a book handy to kill time is to look around at the different people and sometimes end up wondering what kind of a person they might be.

In my earlier blog post, I have spoken about first impressions. But there is more to first impressions. Well you might like someone after spending considerable amount of time getting to know them and the first impression of them could be erased from your mind.

Also over time, I learnt there was more to impressions. 

To err is human and I'm no exception to that. My personal experience with one person had formed some kind of pre-set aversion to one sect of people ( I swear this is not a racist feeling .. but let's just call them a 'sect' for reference).

I usually end up having healthy arguments with a friend and I ended up realizing as to how one person's behavior has caused this aversion in my mind towards that entire sect. I was not willing at first to lose my side of the argument. Slowly I began to see how true my friend's argument was. 

One person does not represent the entire sect of people. His actions, reactions, social conduct etc etc only speaks for himself but not for his entire sect. He only portrays his attitude to society but does spoil the reputation of the entire sect he represents. I wonder how many others have been hurt like me through him that they just form hatred and alienate that 'sect' of people from their lives.

I can think of many more examples in which we spoil things for the society. 

Classic example : This country(USA) gives a wonderful opportunity for shoppers to buy stuff they need, take it home and then return it if for some reason their purchase is not suitable for their needs. A small percentage of the country's population has misused this luxury, that retailers have changed their exchange policy.

Now, even if a person genuinely wants to return an electronic item to the store cause it did not satisfy his needs @ home loses 15% of the cost of the item when he returns it. He is now being punished for the people who exploited this luxury.

"Oru thuli visham" unavil kalandalum, adhu anaivaraiyum kollum enbathai ninaivil kondu, varum santhathikku nallathor ulagam padaipom  :-)


Happy New year 2009 !!

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Wishing all of you a Happy, healthy and prosperous New year 2009 :-) !!!

Long time no frequency to writing blog post has reduced and my frquency to read blogs have come to a STOP sign. Busy life, changing interests, and new things happening around me has forced a NOT so regular person like me and some of my friends' blog to this state :-)

Well, with this new yr, though am not a person who  takes resolutions, I would like to write once in a while :-).