Puthaandu Vaazhthukkal 2006

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En iniya puthaandu Nal-Vaazthukkal 2006 :-)

Wishing you and your family a Happy and Prosperous New year 2006 :-)

May all your dreams come true this wonderful year :-))


Kondaada oru kuzhanthai :-)

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Bonus before new year......

My hearty congradulations to the new parents - my dear friend Shakila and her husband Mansur on the birth of their beautiful n lovely daughter today (2.45pm CST)....... "Kondaada oru kuzhanthaiyin" peyar : Santhosham alli tharubaval (Giving Happiness)....
Lucky to be born for you both :-)...

Waiting to seee her.....damn these flight deals :-((


Vishayam theriyuma unakku (hushhhhhhhh!!!!!!)

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Girls are always blamed for fighting for equal rights at all places...education , career.....

Now who said guys are not fighting for their rights???? Whoever told "Gossip is the birthright of a girl" should now listen with EARS open......

WEll matter is... GUYS do gossip...and they are worse than girls in that matter.....

Vittaaaaa namma ooorla....irukkara...paatingala thooki saapudura alavukku illa vambukku alaiyaranua....adi athaaadi.....idhenna kootha irukku ;-)


Ushhhhhhhhaaar agungooooo

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End of another year....Some of them are working hard as it is the financial close and last week of this year 2005...some of them are chasing rats as their clients are all on vacation.. so they ESC by afternoon to do the cat work ;-)

Lets not go into the stats of the number of crimes reported this year but lets just discuss few tips about being more careful.. esp...for women who travel alone :-)

1. Always carry your cell phone with you. If you are in US, kindly store 911 as speed dial in one another number other than '9'. This way, you might just press some number hard enough that it can directly be connected to 911 and also would not get the attention of your attacker if you dont press the number 9. For those who are in India, kindly store some emergency contact number in ur cell phone (your personal contact) or also 100
2. Whenever you travel alone, let someone know - ur room-mate or friend or relative (parents), when and where you are going and what time you would be back.
3. Even if you are travelling to a new place, familiarize yourself a lil about the possible routes you are going to take and also the nearby locations which might be having some crowd even during the wee hours ( Mapquest or google maps and other Trip planner sites for your State is good enough). This might take some extra minutes but is always wise to do it.
4.Carry "Pepper" spray or chilli powder with you at all times esp when you travel alone ( can throw your make up powders from your kitty bag if you lack space).Knifes and other sharp items may be prohibited due to security issues in some places and is not a good idea to carry them :-)
5. Never encourage a stranger too much. Even if someone would offer rides :-), say NO to them. It is illegal to offer rides to pedastrians in the States. Do not get allured to the extra friendly gestures even from people of either Sex.
6. Do not look scared. Even if you are really scared, dont ever show it on your face. This gives the attacker more courage. The more bold you look, they will think twice...This is not practically possible at all times... but TRY....
7. Never hesitate to report what you see. If you see something or someone disturbing, always try to report it. Do not think it is not your headache. You never know how harmful it might turn out to be cos of your lack of a minute to report :-)

Eppavum...thuru thurunu .... ungala suthi irukkum atmosphereaa observe pannunga...kuninja thalai nimiraama nadakka thevai illai....inga ungaloda adakkamum odukkamum thevai illai...

These are some of the tips I could think of. More suggestions are welcome. Not only girls, guys who travel alone also need to be more careful.

Last but not the least, the new contacts you make always not to be trusted toooooooooooooooo much..(esp in a new place ex. when you move to a new city)... they can turn out to be ass holes. Never discuss too much of your personal life with new anyone unless you know them realllllllly well.... this is specially for all the girls...( avanunga/avaluga vidura kadhai... indha kaathula vaangi andha kaathula joot vidanum....never should reply from your mouth ;-))

PS : my heart-felt condolences to the BPO employee who was murdered in Blore

Ushhhhhhhhaaar agungooooo ponungalaaaaaa.....


Merry Christmas

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Hope you all got your presents from SANTA :-)


Podungamma/ayya vote...

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Election campaign ileeengo...aanaalum neenga vote podanum...

Matter idhu thann.. naan ippo romba irregular agiten.. esp to visit blogs and to post my comment there... aaaaana ivlo velai vetti illadha busyaaaaaaaaana (ammadiyov) schedulayum.. naan sunday sunday.. aavaludan rasikkum oru kolam.. kalai podum KALAI

Kalaikku oru vendukol: Neenga en post panradha nirunthineenganu enakku theriyadhu. Sunday aana mattum unga blog visit seyyum naan nethu edho suddena visit panni shock agiten.
Reasons y i think you shld start bloggin again :
1. I enjoy reading your blog ( selfish yet true)
2. Seriousaaa enna mathiri rambam topic pesaravanga mathila..unga post padicha ... nijama vaay vittu sirikkalam..can see a SOLOMAN pappaiya touch..sirippu kalandha logic
3. NERD score 99 ulla oru ponnu ivlo nalla ezhutharathu makes girls proud :-)
4. You are becoming famous and there is a huge fan for your writing.. I dont see any harm in this......so remem that to satisfy or prove something to someone.. you are hurting so many other people who still want you to blog...

Last but not the least : unless it is your parents or someone you love or someone who loves you is suggesting you to stop blogging.. I dont see this as a good reason for you to pull out your blog posts. I really want you to continue bloggin..and since you have disabled your comments section.. I posted my comment here..

Matha ellarukkum... unga voteaaa namma comment sectionla kuthungayaa......


Kaathirundhen... oru yugam

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I have read a lot of poetry.. which says.. your hours pass on like secs when u do or be with someone you like/love... at the same time... even a sec becomes an eon if you have to wait desperately...

well..today.. i really experienced it... that one minute... 7:59 to 8:00AM was like an EONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN for me.......

aaaaaamadiyov.....aaala vidu...