Sowgarya some/"sam"bandham

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Long week end... phew.. was a nice break for people who work very hard ;-)

Well this world compraises of different types of people......

Marriage..punidhamaana oru uravu..niraya bloggers..indha bandhathukku thayar nilayil irukkum palarum thangaladhu blog site-il oru postaavadhu idhai patri ezhuthirupaanga...(Ippo recently niraiya blog love patri post varudhu...idhai onnaiyavadhu.. vittu vaiganpa..kidaikkum idam ellam josiyakaran poster ottura maathiri.. neengalum.. kidaikum vazhi ellam ungal thunaiya theda aaiyiram vazhi irukku.. indha blog communitiyaiyavadhu ungaloda 1001 vadhu vazhi aakama irundha...nalla dhaaen irukkum.. enna naan sollradhu...).....

Naanum indha topicla blog pannama irundhen..aaana ippo adhil oru pudhu konaithai kanden....

Naan indha country la niraiya vidhaaamana - vinodhamaaana namba oor kaarangala paarthirukken. Inga Indiyargal apdinu illama..aasiyar anaiyvaraiyum namba oor apdinu sollalaam. Ingu palarum thangaladhu kudumbaithai vittutu vandhu thaniyaga irukkiraargal. Ivargalil palar pannathirkaaga mattum inga irukka kattaaya padhutha padhugiraargal. Appadi irukkum pala nalan kallukku ingey dhamayandhigal kidaikaraaanga.
Edheynum onrai edhir paarthu bandham kollum dhamayandhiyai thaan kelvi pattuirukkiren... aaanal...endha vidhamaana edhir paarpum illamaaal thangalai patri yosiyahmal, thangalin bandha ennikaiyai nambikaiyodu kooti kondu udhavum indha manithargilin perunthanmaiyai paaratuvadha?? alladhu... thangaladhu bandhathai vittu thangalai bandhamaaga vitru kollum "agadhi" nilamaiyil ulla nammavarai paarthu vidiyalukkaga ivargal thangalai varuthi-kolgiraarkalay enru manam puzhungvadha???

Enru vidiyum ullgin por nilai... andru thaniyum indha anniya mogam !@$!$!@#$#!@@$#@%#@%@

Ippadiyum....oru "sam"bandhama??? Idhil yaarukku sowgaryam???


Thanukku thanakkunaaaa.....

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Thanks giving.. well roots back to celebration of immigrants thanking the natives of US of A for helping them to survive in this land. This was believed to have been a feast given by them to the natives. Though modern day Thanks giving dinner has turkey and pumpkin pie ( off-late) as part of their 'mandatory' menu, this was not proven in the past historic records....

well idhellam oru pakkam irukka.... this holiday week end witnesses one of the most nightmarish traffic on the roads esp the evening before thanks giving. Usually, any long week end starts with the heavy traffic with people trying to escape for vacations. This was kind of reduced with 9/11 and people started travelling without fear from last year end (2004).

With the increasing madness..... there have been a drastic number of accidents with this madness...of heavy traffic.

One such accident was witnessed by people in Chicago this wednesday, nov 23, 2005. One of the trains hit the cars in a level crossing. There were a total of 12 cars being hit and the statistics of people injured were not reported properly to the media. The cause of the accident is still not known. How did so many cars get there when they knew that the train is being run on a "scheduled time"??? This is a total mystery. The time table of the trains is followed strictly in this country and it is never altered even by a minute unless abnormal or unavoidable circumstances. I found it too mysterious.

The most surprising part of this was that, this news though it was covered by important channels like CNN was not made a big issue. This NEWS making incident was made a small report by the media. I found it very surprising. What could be the reason??? (1) Was this because this might be considered "inauspicious ??? beginning " for this thanksgiving season ( Thanksgiving is considered the beginning of holidays and celebrations) (2) Was it because they wanted to protect their 'responsible' behaviour??? (3) Was it because they did not want to panic the huge crowd travelling across the country???

If something like this has happened in India, I can imagine the commotion the politicians would have made.. (imagine ... with LALU being the minister of railways....cant stop myself from ROTFL with imagining what his responses would have been )...

well.. all this apart... I was also one of them who had to wait in the train which was delayed for 3+ hours and also saw those cars involved in the accident. From the damage to the cars, am sure any witness could easily imagine the state of the lives involved with the accident.

Along with wishing you all for Thanksgiving....I would like to pray for the recovery of those people.



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My dearest one... my swt lil swtheart... gets to spend the maximum time with me during my youth ;-).... one to get all my attention at anytime of the who stays physically close to me......with my hands over all the time... :-)

do u know how u wud feel when someone as close as above dumps u when u really really really need 'em the mosssttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt.....

well it happened to me yest... for the curious lot... it was none other than my laptop... the OS much i hate @$@$#@!... tell me abt it ;-)


Musky Mask

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Am i talking about DEO we wear??? ada paavingala... kulikkaama blog padikireengala...

naan aniyum mask (wht others think abt me )...friendly, extrovertish, extremely bold, help@anytime

what am i actually... really comfortable talking to anyone @ any age... but the real me... is a person who can go to party's and hang out only with my known gang, can be my usual notorious and talkative only with my friends... On deep thoughts am I really the extrovertish mask am wearing......dunno (?)

what i think abt myself :
Friendly ....really easy to start talking to and can talk in a variety of topics....this is the best part of the mask which actually adds musk to my heart :-)

Extremely bold : hehehee...i hope my folks r not reading this post....I don't hesitate to take any actions if needed. Im not sure if some people refer to his as foolishly bold... but I have been brought up so independant that i find this as a part and parcel of me...Inwardly am not sure of whether to be happy about this part of me.

Help@anytime : wellllll..u r welcome to knock 24/7 & I wud be available to help anytime....This is something which i like the best about myself... but people who care for me sometimes feel i should Prioritize.....hmmmm.. well i shld remem that the next time i offer to help smone ( am very

wht I think about myself is the same as the REAL me......

what i dont like abt the above ME : Being too friendly gets me into trouble @ times,
extemely bold : when others tell me about the possible bad things that could have happened abt the risks i have been taking... i feel am too quick in action and feel stupid sometimes.... and last but not the least 'help@anytime' actually attracts lot of ppl to exploit me...

does everyone like the musky mask am wearing ???? do I really care... am not sure. I do care abt wht ppl I care for think abt me...


Nazhuvi pona uravugal!!!!!!!!! :-(

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Ennavendru sollavadhu......

How much does the first impression influence a relationship? What if the person you judged by the appearance made you the WORSSSSTTTTT judge on the face of earth????????

Does this happen to all of you out there???

Why do we have to judge someone just by looking at them without giving them the oppurtunity to make us find out what they really are?

This maybe something which can influence a lot of friendship @ any place.... relationships with employers/employees.....future TBD relationships....
Have we ever thought about the possible "good" people we might have missed becoz of the above mistake?????

Ada... idhellam idunga pa... naaama ellam indha bloggin panrom.. how many of us.. treat the people V meet daily with the same polite talk u do when u chat with ur fellow blogger??????????

welll.... the reason... for this post is... while travelling.. I was tooo bored....became restless... and ended up looking at people and was wondering what kind of a person each of my co-passengers might be... adhaaan indha vetti post........

On the contrary.. we end up spending valuable time of our lives with people....which we might end up discovering... it was WORTHless....moments in our lives........

wht the hell.."life is to live.. live it to the fullest" :-)

(appaaada mudikka oru line from the head line..hehehehee..).....ungalidam irundhu vidai peruvadhu...


Bandhak : Hostage

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Deep thoughts reflected in their first production. The story is about the aftermath of 9/11.

The crew is new and a good effort has been made by them. The boom of the IT industry and the numerous oppurtunities during the Y2K period is a known fact. What happened to the immigrants in the US as an aftermath of the 9/11 is the crux of the movie.

The crew is small and the charecters are shown to have come from different family background s with different needs and situations. Typical life of an Immigrant in a shared enviroment with emotions has been well depicted on the screen. It was something that could be well connected-to by immigrant from any country.

If you are looking for commercial aspects, this movie would not be a good choice. Though the movie is in Indian language, the expressive acting of the main role conveys the message to international audience.

Courtesy : Rutgers,NJ (screened on 10/20/05)


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Ellarukkum Vanakkam ba ;-)

Konjam Krazy time....

trip with friends, back to hectic work - too much pressure & krazy long hrs..., travelling almost all weekends to friend's place....lazing out during the PRECIOUS sat and returning back on sundays... and then moving to another place.. has been my last one month schedule.....

ippa kooda.. it was the occasion of diwali which forced me to post ;-)

Inspite of all this..... i was still able to chat with a couple of friends ( bloggers) online.

anywayzzzz... for all those who have been wondering abt my hibernation... thought i will post rather than explaining in comment section...

to all my islamic friends out there... belated EID MUBARAK.....

PS: Advanced courtesy to kalai ( for a krazy gal cartoon u r going to do for this post )


Iniya Deeba-oli vaazhuthukkal

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En iniya makkaley,

Iniya deepavali vaazhthukkal!!!!

Happy Diwali to all of you out there!!! May this joyous occasion spread peace and prosperity in all your lives and may the year ahead make all your dreams come true !!!