Jillenra Kadhal..Jyo enra kalyanam

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Dum dum dum !!!!!!!! @ last.....

The city was captivated with the preparations of the most awaited Surya Jyothika wedding. The love that has been nourished by these two loving hearts grew its roots deep to end up in a Happy ending wedding. Yet again the actor had made his father proud, in making him head this occassion in a pompous manner and we can see our bold n beautiful Jyo feeling shy n coy in her wedding dress.

I have been one of the person, wanting to see this pair get happily married and am really happy for both of them. I salute to their commitment towards one another, congradulate both of them in how they have encouraged themselves to ladder up in their career and also how they have waited to get married with everybody's nod ( which is only the groom's dad am sure)...

Three cheers to the lovely couple and crossing my fingers for a life full of togetherness to my all time fav cute couple.. SURYA AND JYO... Big bear hugs to both of them..