Jillenra Kadhal..Jyo enra kalyanam

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Dum dum dum !!!!!!!! @ last.....

The city was captivated with the preparations of the most awaited Surya Jyothika wedding. The love that has been nourished by these two loving hearts grew its roots deep to end up in a Happy ending wedding. Yet again the actor had made his father proud, in making him head this occassion in a pompous manner and we can see our bold n beautiful Jyo feeling shy n coy in her wedding dress.

I have been one of the person, wanting to see this pair get happily married and am really happy for both of them. I salute to their commitment towards one another, congradulate both of them in how they have encouraged themselves to ladder up in their career and also how they have waited to get married with everybody's nod ( which is only the groom's dad am sure)...

Three cheers to the lovely couple and crossing my fingers for a life full of togetherness to my all time fav cute couple.. SURYA AND JYO... Big bear hugs to both of them..


Marandhey pochu :-(

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After months when I got the message from "Priyum" did I realize how long it has been that I wrote my last post. Monotonous life and busy job schedule made me completely isolate self from the blog world. Also the tool called orkut is my fav past time now.

For all who have been wondering how my vacation was... well.. I never made it :-(...

hope all of you are doing well and I will try to write more often from now ;-)


Manam virumbhum mannam :-)

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Did I tell you I was busy with the search??? Believe me, I never thought this was going to be so painful. It took me almost a week to decide what I wanted. At last...thank all my lucky stars....I got what I wanted :-)

'Paint the town in pink' is the untold rule in the family.The excitement grows uncontrollably to reach the sky. You are the celebrity at home and people shower you with all that you can ask for :-). You are the most wanted person for that span of 'celebration time'.

Waiting to meet all your friends and family, hugs n swt kisses from your lil cousins...(oh my god.. they are all grown up to become teen agers soon !!!) n many more new surprises to come.

Its the time to be rejoiced..a happy vacation back to your home country is all that I want this moment...

Manam virumbhum mannam... ennadhu mannin mannam :-)


Thudikkum thuligal

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The days have been fairly busy and with not much happening in life, could not think of a topic to scribble about. Moreover the time I used to spend with blog reading has reduced.

What am I doing with all the free time I used to have... well interests have changed into other new spheres and I have started reading books and watching documentaries ( hehehe.. the movies I watch are close to being called this way)..

One of the other biggest time killer... is guess what .. orkut. This just eats away my time when I log in. Im sure a lot of people would be using this but for me its more of a boon in disguise. I got to contact a lot of my lost friends with this community and also made a couple of new friends. Its fun to see people scrapping more than chatting. Well for a fact, many of the offices do not allow chat softwares to be installed and that has been filled in by the scraps of orkut.

Last but not the least.. with the weather getting nice and pleasant out here, why would anybody wants to sit in front of the internet? Its bright outside until almost 9 pm. Outdoor games, the ever green parks, and nice long walks in the pleasant weather eats up all my time..

Time flies and within a wink of the eye and almost its been a month I posted in my blog. Howmuch ever we try to have more spare time and do a lot of activities, spend time with your loved ones, this time is just not enough... it never stops to beat for anybody..... well.. my recent learnin exp ...

Idhyathai vida medhuvaaga thudithaalum enrum ayaraadhu THUDIKKUM indha THULLIGAL namadhu tharunagalai mella vizhungukiradhu...ovvuru iniya thuliyaiyum mella pathithu sellum naam enrum solla ninaipadhai thalli poda koodathu..

Well it all seems like yest, the last time I spoke to my friend was almost 2 yrs ago. He was always a bubbly guy and an intelligent chap. Busy lives and the distance made us to really drift apart. The last time I heard about him was that he got married. I was determined to fight with him when I go to India this time for not letting me know about it. Jus a few days back I got to knw that he died in an accident. The mock anger which I had for him, the quarrel I had planned to have with him and then was planning to tease him to the core ;-)... all this had to be done only in my dreams now. I would never be able to do all this now. I could have emailed him but I thought I would postpone it till I go to india this time. I felt really terrible for letting myself wait this stupidly to hear the horrifying news. I wish I could be there to console his family though nothing could give that wonderful guy back to them. May his soul rest in peace. I surely miss a good friend, mentor, a wonderful coll sr ...and wish all this was a dream from which I would want to wake up from...


Vaaraai Viya-ka Vaikka :-)

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Anavarukkum Enadhu... Tamizh puthaaandu Nalvazthukkal :-)

இனிய தமிழ் புத்தாண்டு நல்வாழ்த்துக்கள்


Oru naalil oru varudam parisadaithen :-)

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First of all I would like to thank all my friends, my fellow bloggers, family and many more people who wished me on my b'day :-)

Well one day changes your age by one number snatching away the smaller number u r currently holdin :-) At certain stages in your life you could be happy on growing old.. at certain stage u r lil shy to tell ur age out.. and over a couple of yrs later .. u just stop counting :-D...not that u dont want to...just that u dont want to hurt others by telln them..sm of us might shock others.. sm might end up shocking ourselves ;-)..lol...

Another strange thing.. i have noticed.. least for me.. I have only a handful of them who have been wishing me consistently over years.. but there are some people who might b wishing u this yr.. but over yrs.. u might lose touch with them.... for all those who still remem my spl day but cud not reach me... I still realize ur gud wishes are always with me..n I wud thank all those ppl for all those untold wishes :-).... (i do miss hearn ur wishes in ur own voices though)

Strange as I already said...one day gains the big prize of one year to your age :-)... jus that unique date is different for all of us.. so there are 365 magic days ..each one of us havn diff magical dates.. but just one day in the year gains all of us an additional year.. that's jan 1st ....romba kadi pottuteno..

Once again.. thank you for all ur wishes.. me esc for another wild party ;-)



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Getting into the blog world helped me in one time when I felt really lonely. It brought to me a whole new world of friends. F.R.I.E.N.D.S. from different parts of the world. Some of the new acquitances helped me in getting to know a lot of other old lost contacts too :-)

I really enjoy and wait for updates in some of the bloggers blogs. This is not to race anybody else and to post a comment but just cos I really enjoy their blogs..One such blog is murali's . The first time when I read his blog I misread Manapathippu as Manathavippu...but I really feel Manathavippu makes more sense. His voice is really amazing. Their is some magic in SPB's voice. This guy tries to bring in that magical effect. He sings malayalam songs too. Though I dont understand the language, Im one of the admirer of that nasal lingo (jus the lingo??? ;-))....In some songs he brings in the effects of Yesudas and in some it is SPB. I was amazed to learn the guy's interest in music without a formal education in music.

This post is specially dedicated to his magical voice : Murali every time we hear your voice.. it is not just a Manapathippu ( not just a memory note we make).. but it is a Manathavippu (some stirred up emotions) which only magical voices and music can bring on any individual.


Manam Magizhuthu

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For people who know me pretty well or rather for people who read my blog regularly, Im sure you all must be aware that I love to have friends and get really excited when Im with them..

I got a chance to get in touch with 3 of my school mates today. Got emails from 2 of them.. its been almost 9 yrs and the third one, I got a chance to talk to her after 7 yrs... wow... its such a wonderful feeling you get when you talk to them.. something runs inside your body which makes u really really jump with energy...transforms your voice into a charged music...wow...its so unexplainable... I really have no words to explain it out.. but would love to discuss this with a neuro to find out.. why our body goes through such emotions.... Am so damn excited to hear all the missing year stories about their lives and all the new things happening to them. Most of them are in the transition of their marital status, some of them are relocating cities or even countries and some of them are hopping jobs. The best part is that, the missing years have cultivated more fondness in our hearts and makes us recall our forgotten faces and names of our fellow class mates as though we are about to win a million $$$ if we recall their names....

Also .. late in the night.. got a chance to catch up with another friend after almost 8 months..though our conversation started with a bitter note over yahooo... we gradually... tried to fill the gap mutually..we did talk a lil n fight a lil or rather tease a lil ....

anyways.. after a long time.. I was happy to be able to communicate to some of my friends.

Also, I still have something lacking.. behing the back of my mind.. am still searching for some other friends of my past.. whom I would love to catch up with ... but have no idea how to locate them :-)


Therthendukka vaaippu(gal??)

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Back on track !!!

We all have so many choices in front of us for so many different things in our lives. Starting from the tooth brush to toilet tissues to almost everything we have so many different choices to pick up from. This portrays active competition. This also has brought an enormous growth to visual media and ad-world. Different thinking and peculiar yet interesting ideas from the young minds of ad film makers to show the best of their product to this world. Many of us would love to watch the commercials played on the TV rather than the actual Soap. Well one thing is we cannot directly attack a product's name in India whereas in US we can actually do that.

Now what are the other things that we shop for and find having so many choices? Well for sure, your field of education is somethign you can shop and choose from. This again has been limited with the COUNSELLING policy in India ( Tamil nadu esp). Again, how many of us get our choices to choose from when we have job offers ??$$$$$$?? More than the profile on which we want to work it is the sign in between the Q marks that change the path of our careers as we move on.

Again another thing we can choose for.. is our friends. We might meet so many different kinds of people when we move from home for work or study. Not everybody can be nerdy to spend all their time alone. There are still normal people like me out there to hunt for good friends. Talking to anybody and everybody in an amicable manner is a habit you can develop. It is not tough if you are really not so picky. At the same time, you really dont feel like sharing your personal life or problems or ideas with any random person. Human nature is to pick and choose the person they are most comfortable with to become friends with. This usually takes some time..maybe a few hours to a few days to a few weeks depending on the nature of the individual

When there are so many choices out there, we really find ourselves needlessly spending a lot of time thinking and analysing wht to choose and shop for...be it for friends... to studies .... to job.. to car.. to apartments for rent or buying to almost everything......

Im just wondering how many of the choices you make can be changed when you really think you made a wrong choice the first time???

The more confused you are the more you wish you were as happy as this cute one is out here !!!!!!!!!!!



Indha naal !@!$@!$#@%#@%??????

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Ippo ellarumey hibernation announce pannitu thaan blog-leave podaraanga... aaana naan idhulayum konjam somberi...sollama leave eduthuten.....

Ovvoru naalum Iniya naalaga irukkanumnu thaan ninaikarom....adhey pola thaan innaikkum ennoda naal arambichudhu...arai thookathula ezhunthu...paadhi thookathula shower adiyila nanaidha appuram thaan muzhithen..... 'ada paavigala...indha kuliril... pachai thanni thaan varudhu'....2 mins maggi fan pola dress maathi.. bus kku lateaaa apdinu yosichukittey oru car mela modhina... luckily was my colleague...hopped in n got out at parking lot...man.. another day in office... huh!@!#@!$#!@... poi system on panni login panna.. good news.....thaathukku pudhu velainu oru offline message n post vera....adha paarthu congradulate panni..mail chk panna...totally mood off agura maathiri oru email....MAIL MAKES UR DAY MOST UNFORGETTABLE - mar 2,2006 :-)......

Indha naal... iniya naal thaana??? oru nalla news..innoru...upset pannura news...meedhi naal poora.. naanum ennoda mind wandering smwhere else...well too many nostalgic memories... making me more homesick than ever before...been homesick for a couple of days now.. but today the feeling was different...need for the support n warmth of the home when i physically don't wanna go home :-(...friends are always there to b ur backup... but how much does everybody know whts running behind the face that smiles ?????? well..nywayz...


Kaatriniley patri kollum kaadhal

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I know it has been quite sometime I posted some of my actual blabbering. I have been posting movie review and collage for the past 2 posts. But well, looks like I have attracted quite a few females to visit n comment.. thanks to surya :-).... Okay.. now for yet another 'sensitive' blabbering.. here i go...

Well..love is in the air.. as we are approaching yet another V day :-). I realized that it was the month of feb the day Starbucks filled its store with goodies in pink..( i always associated love with RED...looks like starbucks thinks different :-P))...

If I recall till the year 2000, I dont think V day was celebrated this elaborately in India, but now I think it is given more importance than in US.

Do we really need one day to celebrate LOVE? I dont think this is necessary. I thught if you love someone a LOT.. all 365 -24/7 should be celebration of LOVE.... (enna da.. naan sollaradhu seri thaaney???;-))

Couples have their own special dates ( the day they proposed..) and married ones have their own anniversary's to recall n celebrate which is kinda unique for them.. Then.. why do we need a Special day? Is it true that lot of people wait till this day to propose?? I dnt thnk so.. If you dont propose at the right time n date you might miss the bus.. well in that case.. y wud anyone want to wait till this ufdate????

Next thing is.. Do everyone who love really end up in marriage? Then why do people go for such relationships for the heck of it? Just the fact that you dont have someone to gift or get gift from on this V day is not a good reason to fall in love. I think love for a person who does not belong to your family is something which has to be unique and has to be true.

One last question which haunts me is... people who do not end up marrying the person they love.. do they really forget their past love?? How true are they to their spouse's in claiming that they have forgotten their past passion.. and HOW ON earth are they able to do it?? This is quite an unsolved puzzle for me.. when I observe people around me.... Sometimes I feel we act more like wild animals rather than people who have the capacity to think rationally :-))

Well to all the couples out there who are planning swt surprises.. wishing you all a happy Valentine's day.. and good luck to get married to the ones u love... to all married people out there.. good luck with your long life together.. n to all singles out there... Wait for your chance to be on the other side of the grass.... which looks greener now.. until u cross the river to be on that side and be envious of your single junior's :-))


Kolluthey un kangal ;-)

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After a long time, I tried my hands on scrap-bookk work with my paint brush staring into the most attractive pair of eyes.. n then decided to share it with all those jollies out there :-)

Courtesy : Indiaglitz & www.rssurya.com

PS : Planning to do a post on this guy :-)



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Life is never fair...n me totally sad today.... once more.. am going to miss some of the gud friends.. again.. Y is life so unfair to me???


Ethirikalathi vannamayamaa...

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To all the indians whose complaints have been heard..here comes the shortest movie in Hindi movie history( i think) : 1 hr n 20 mins is RANG DE BASANTI

Well I dont want to leak out the story but it is a different story which really provokes a thought among all of us about our country and the present scenario.

We have more engineers, doctors and uncountable number of software engineers...whts lacking.... we need more IAS, IPS and other high government posts to be held by youngsters who could make our INDIA a better place :-)

Nice thought which is told in an interesting perspective n a MUST see movie :-)

A beginning of these thought provoking movies have already given birth to a new political party formed by IITians "Paritrana"....HATS OFF TO THOSE GUYS !!! (I would support them if they would need any sort of help :-))

Hats off to AAMiR khan n his crew.... Idha paarthavadhu namma ooru vayasu pasanga HEROkalaana Rajini n kamal.. normal love story edukkaaama.. urupadiyana padam panna nalla thaan irukkum... kekutha...KAMAL ????

Aaniyadikka(m) oru padam

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This was a souvenir wall hanger I saw recently....

When I read these lines, I felt as though for the first time there was someone out there who feels the same as me. No offense against being close to relatives, but you are better off with your friends than relatives is my arguement. You might be very close to one of your relatives and will eventually find yourself searching for a friend in them rather than the RELATIONSHIP......this is bitter to accept that you prefer friends to relatives but it is true and am not ashamed to accept it...

well after a longggggggggggg time.. I got to talk to one of my friend last night...(raz it was)......lost my sleep...came to office later than I actually planned to...eyes are burning and red...tired cos of the lack of sleep.. but wht the hell.... an hour or more over the phone with a friend... actually made me forget... all this stress and found myself :-) grinning... stupidly on my way to office as I recalled my conversation with her the previous night... nice warm heart huggin memories of college life...makes u smtimes realize that you have grown old out of college... people change.. for good ( hopefully!!!).... Though I spoke to my Best friend....it is true that even if you were to catch up with someone you have hardly spoken during your college times.. u find yourself warming up with them....


Rapunzel koondhal

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Hmmm......enna maathiri....HOT-HOTTER-HOTTEST climateil pirandhu valarndha ellarukkum... thanni enral... enrum indha ullam ketkum.. MORE.... (normal water baaaaa...not alcohol).....lol...

appadi oru azhagiya koondhal kondavalai kanden naan... Snoqualmie falls... wow.....thulli kudithathu manam.....thalaadiya avaladhu koondhal... ponra neer.. azhagaaga paaayum azhagey thani.... (facts : observation platform 300 feet above the Snoqualmie River;falls plunge 270 feet into a 65-foot-deep pool before rushing downstream).... Niagara-vai vida uyarathil ulla oru aruvi idhu......aanal agalam kammi......angey oru arai mile thooram ulla irangi paarthal.. innum azhagu..... ippadi oru iyarkai azhagai kaaana... munnal naan sonnathu pol.. kandgal kodi venum.......


Pithu Pidikudhungo....

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"Kangal kodi vendum... andha irai azhagai kaana"... aaanal...jenmam kodai venum avan padaitha azhagai kaana : idhu ennoda statement.....

Yes.. for the second time in my life I got a chance to visit yet another beautiful place covered by snow and was totally taken by its beauty. I have absolutely no words to describe the scenary that caught my breath. When all of them were busy eating Pongal versions at home, I was at the top of 8000 feet looking down at the beauty of the surrounding of Whistler village and whistler creek mt.It was a great day for me...I really enjoyed the whole day after a longggggggggg time.....went skiing in the morning, went to the top of the mountains in the afternoon to be amazed by the beauty beneath it, had a mangolian lunner (lunch+dinner) with a bunch of my friends and later....went wild.....;-))

The group was total fun......one pakka tamil pair...'made for each other' kinda couple, another tamil origin confused desi...hehehee, one quiet UP guy who only spoke to tease me (poor me!!!!) and yet another tamil speaking guy...who has officially taken me to be his hair stylist...lol.........another kenyan Doctor - twice my height...seriously....and another asian guy... (leave out the kenyan and asian out of most of the fun part).......all of us had a nice time and at the end of the whole trip found that we enjoyed it...last but not the least was the guy at the border who had to put up with me......lol....

will try to upload photos soon...

"Parthaaley pithu pidikudhungo".....andha himalaya azhagai konda naam.... ingum vandhu mayangugirom...elithaaga paarthu rasikkum vasadhi konda indha whistler malaiyin azhagey pithu pidikkum podhu... paarkavey iyalaadha uyarathil.. ulla andha himalayam.... ethanai azhagaaga irukkum ena enni enni viyalugiren.....


Pongalo Pongal !!!!

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En iniya tamizh makkaley, Ungal illangalil amarundhu, vettiyaga pozhuthai oru dappavin munnilayil : Pongal Naal sirappu nigazhchigal kandu kalithu kondu, karumbu, venn pongal mattum sarkarai pongal and vidha vidhamaaga unnum ungal anaivarukkum INIYA PONGAL NALVAAZHTHUKKAL !!!

Merpatta inathil seraaa matra anaithu maakalukkum enudaiya iniya MAATU PONGAL THINA NALVAAZHTHUKKAL!!!

Idhai thavira, matra pandigaigal kondadum..veveru idaithai saartha matra indiyargallukku avargaludaiya pandigai nalvaazhthukkal!!!!

Hmmm.. neenga ellam enzoi panna.. naaan inga ennoda pongal annaikku vettiya inga konjam janthukalukaga wait pannitu irukken.. enna pozhappo idhu ....lol....


Unnai thiruppa thaaan AAAAAASAI

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We all start each coming new year with celebrations and good wishes...with every coming year.. we do grow old..and when the year comes to an end a common comment we hear among all of us... was how the year was for each one of them... good!!! bad!$@$@#~ best:-)

This is with every year throughout your life.. whether you are in school.. or college.. or job.. or retired.......

But there are certain times in your life which forms ageless impressions deep inside your heart which you would refer to as "MOMENTS". These may be precious to you coz they may contain people you love :-) or mischievous instances which brings a naughty smile when you recall them... or time which you would have frozen and would be hanging in your heart as a picture with the nail digging too deeeeeeeepppp....... Whenever you are reminded of some such times, you either wish you can go back to that time to live it again...over and over... and overrrrrrr......Every human at some point wishes he could turn back time........

Every time i hear the boys from the back of the street singin.. "but i wish i could turn back time.. impossible as it may seem".. i realize.. how true it is.. how unconsciously we always yearn for those moments to breeze back into our memory...bringin moistness into our vision and a painful pinch in our heart which desperately wishes to go back in time......

some of my instances...those naughty school days, mischeives done when me n my best frnd was left 'home alone', those.. chasing the boys...like 'kanda naal mudhal' raatchasi....., those inquisitive adolescent days...whr u talk in hushes..., those studious school days...(not missn the studious part...bt the fun i had even during my revision exams time.......HMMM WHAT AM I GOING TO DO THIS YEAR THAT TIME OF THE YEAR>>>FEB), those college days.. man....the people you meet in college......;-)... ragging, friendship, sighting, farewell, autographs.... everything.. brings a sweet pain into my hrt..and my lips involuntarily utter : BUT I WISH I CUD TURN BACK TIME..IMPOSSIBLE AS IT MAY SEEM !!!!!!!


Eindhil maatiya Eindhugal...

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Kulirndha kangal....panna tag....

10 Years ago:

Life was nothing else but studies....home...friends....

5 Years Back:

2nd yr of my college...just out of being a first yr student...tried to act like a senior...though dint have the heart to rag... found it the best way to make friends...now some of my jr's so made friends are on my best friend list...(enna machi...correctaa??? ;-))...)

Last Year:
got over less than 30 hrs ago.....well one of the most unforgettable yr in my life for so many different things that happened...both happy and sad...and of course.. i started my blogspot...last year...

Wishing " Happy new year to all of u" was my primary duty....

5 yummy things:
Molaha bajji in the sea-shore
Gobi manchurian
Molagu rasam and vendakkai curry...
tirupathi laddu....

5 things I know by heart:
my fav songs
some thirukurals
my unforgettable moments
untold crushes ;-)(my only secret deep inside my heart)

5 things I’d do if I had a lot more money

give it to people who need it desperately
make better living conditions for people in my city first
donate to all research organizations
get my own jet and travel arnd the world
get my own satellite and travel into space

5 places I escape to:

toilet....where i can be alone
my pillow...bury my face deep in there n think
my daydreams..where i can do what i want to....
temple...just staring at the god in front of u...relieves me so much....of my emotions...
death....last option left

5 things I’d never wear:

Cowardice ( i hate it sooooooo much...dont i???? ;-))
Head strongness

5 favourite TV shows

Meendum Meendum sirippu
Master card family fortune
Oliyum Olliyum
News of course ( do I have a choice when so many channels telecast news at 7pm/7.30pm/8pm/8.30pm....one timing or the other i get stuck with one of the NEWS programs with one of the channels..thanks to the N number of channels...lol)

5 things I enjoy doing

Helping others (whether they realise it or not)
Going out to places....(esp scenic places)
Sitting in the shore of the sea and staring at the moon :-)
Spending time with someone i love...
Making myself a joker...just to see other's smile :-) ( how far did this go??????..lol)

Tagging.................NO ONE....

appaaada...finished my long promised tag....

Hope all of u out there had a wonderful beginning this year :-)