Kaatriniley patri kollum kaadhal

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I know it has been quite sometime I posted some of my actual blabbering. I have been posting movie review and collage for the past 2 posts. But well, looks like I have attracted quite a few females to visit n comment.. thanks to surya :-).... Okay.. now for yet another 'sensitive' blabbering.. here i go...

Well..love is in the air.. as we are approaching yet another V day :-). I realized that it was the month of feb the day Starbucks filled its store with goodies in pink..( i always associated love with RED...looks like starbucks thinks different :-P))...

If I recall till the year 2000, I dont think V day was celebrated this elaborately in India, but now I think it is given more importance than in US.

Do we really need one day to celebrate LOVE? I dont think this is necessary. I thught if you love someone a LOT.. all 365 -24/7 should be celebration of LOVE.... (enna da.. naan sollaradhu seri thaaney???;-))

Couples have their own special dates ( the day they proposed..) and married ones have their own anniversary's to recall n celebrate which is kinda unique for them.. Then.. why do we need a Special day? Is it true that lot of people wait till this day to propose?? I dnt thnk so.. If you dont propose at the right time n date you might miss the bus.. well in that case.. y wud anyone want to wait till this ufdate????

Next thing is.. Do everyone who love really end up in marriage? Then why do people go for such relationships for the heck of it? Just the fact that you dont have someone to gift or get gift from on this V day is not a good reason to fall in love. I think love for a person who does not belong to your family is something which has to be unique and has to be true.

One last question which haunts me is... people who do not end up marrying the person they love.. do they really forget their past love?? How true are they to their spouse's in claiming that they have forgotten their past passion.. and HOW ON earth are they able to do it?? This is quite an unsolved puzzle for me.. when I observe people around me.... Sometimes I feel we act more like wild animals rather than people who have the capacity to think rationally :-))

Well to all the couples out there who are planning swt surprises.. wishing you all a happy Valentine's day.. and good luck to get married to the ones u love... to all married people out there.. good luck with your long life together.. n to all singles out there... Wait for your chance to be on the other side of the grass.... which looks greener now.. until u cross the river to be on that side and be envious of your single junior's :-))


Kolluthey un kangal ;-)

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After a long time, I tried my hands on scrap-bookk work with my paint brush staring into the most attractive pair of eyes.. n then decided to share it with all those jollies out there :-)

Courtesy : Indiaglitz & www.rssurya.com

PS : Planning to do a post on this guy :-)