Idhu nalla koothu

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Though not a big cricket fan, I did feel the team let us down this time in World cup. Having an ardent cricket team fan by your side does force you to watch little glimpses of the 'Gaala-aatam' n the aftermath 'galaata'.

Chk this out...

Somebody has to be the scape goat and here, our most experienced player blames the coach and captain to protect their skin.

Highly disappointing to note that they let down the belief of sooo many millions of people without winning against a team who lost to other countries but looked down on Indian team March 23, 2007.

There were so many articles about how the 'Superbowl' caused revenue loss for companies in US. Did someone do a survey on the Production loss for March 23, 2007 with so many s/w programmers falling sick or working from home on the same date????

'Something has to be done about the team' is the slogan in every single cricket fan's thought at this point of time. How about dissolving the team and getting in a new set of people? This should become a 'rule' so that the players attitude will only be to WIN and not to ponder about whom to blame..

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Coincidences could kill

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I always have the 'Deja-vu' feeling when I see someone new. I would keep repeating that I have seen that person elsewhere and their face looks familiar. Many a times, I would be able to justify it by explaining it that they resembled someone and sometimes it would have been one of those frequent faces we often see but do not communicate with. When you come across such a person in a entirely new place or time other than the usual places we run into, I noticed that I got that 'deja-vu'.

Almost every one of us might have come across the various coincidences in our lives. Some could be mere ones which we might not even bother to ponder about but some could 'kill'. I was googling about coincidences where I found a website which had narrations about people's experiences. Some were really stupid which I could not relate as coincidences but some were really spooky.

One of the weird ones I know was, I had a neighbour who had a boy friend. She was not very close to me as she was a couple of years older than me. For weird reasons which nobody other than she could come up with, she broke up with him and married another guy. Everybody including her own brother felt that she had been unfair to her boyfriend by dumping him in such a cruel manner. After her marriage, her brother came to know that her husband's bday falls on the the previous date to her boy friend. This literally made her feel guilty every year. She once burst out to her brother about how guilty she felt when she shopped for her husband for his bday. This rare coincidence awoke her consciousness and almost killed her happiness. Strange enough her boyfriend met his fiancee on her bday.

These small coincidences makes the wound to burn deeper inside their hearts and doesnt allow it to heel even with time.

Well my deja-vu is still indicating me something weird since today morning and am searching my memory as to why :-??. Did I miss something here ???? For some strange reason I remembered the above coincidence. Did the above co-incidence occur in the movie I watched recently? Hehe.. I would not be surprised if a tamil movie comes out with the above story. Writing this as blog would probably avoid my DejaVu when I watch that movie in futur...