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Though not a big cricket fan, I did feel the team let us down this time in World cup. Having an ardent cricket team fan by your side does force you to watch little glimpses of the 'Gaala-aatam' n the aftermath 'galaata'.

Chk this out...

Somebody has to be the scape goat and here, our most experienced player blames the coach and captain to protect their skin.

Highly disappointing to note that they let down the belief of sooo many millions of people without winning against a team who lost to other countries but looked down on Indian team March 23, 2007.

There were so many articles about how the 'Superbowl' caused revenue loss for companies in US. Did someone do a survey on the Production loss for March 23, 2007 with so many s/w programmers falling sick or working from home on the same date????

'Something has to be done about the team' is the slogan in every single cricket fan's thought at this point of time. How about dissolving the team and getting in a new set of people? This should become a 'rule' so that the players attitude will only be to WIN and not to ponder about whom to blame..

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Comment by kuttichuvaru on 3:03 PM

we can all voice our opinions..... but in the end, nothin drastic is gonna happen with the team composition!! tats how the system is working in Indian cricket!!

Comment by sukhanya on 3:13 PM

Fact that the player who made 'statemnts' was once passionate about the game doesnt conceal his fear of forced retiring from the ODI's by making such statements.

Also if people cant handle criticism from a coach who is appointed jus to do that.. is totally unprofessional and shows how emotionally weak our indian players are.

Well, trendline looks like though we point fingers at our neighbour when it comes to politics, we act the same way in all other things :-)...


Comment by Captain on 1:28 AM

Its easy to say "dissolve the cricket team, get a new set of guys etc.", but do we have the players to stand up against the likes of brett lee and co? The problem lies with the domestic cricket structure which has too many teams wih too many ordinary players playing almost exclusively on dull and placid pitches. Our domestic cricket structure should mirror something like the english soccer leagues; have 4 leagues of 6 teams each and have a promotion/relegation structure within them. Some livelier pitches would also help. And we should scrap the system of a win going to the team which scores the most runs in the first innings.
I do believe though that "THE GREAT MAN SHOULD RETIRE".

Comment by sukhanya on 1:54 PM

I do agree that we should have more livelier pitches.

However I feel that a lot of money is already being wasted on sponsoring the 'great' players which could probably be streamed towards 'recognizing' talents which can eventually pave towards forming a better national team.

BTW.. Instead of being an anonymous 'Captain', would be nice to have your profile public ;-).. least for us to know who u r


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