vandaaraiya vandaaraiyaaaaa...

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Today(friday) the CEO of my company ( my temp job ) was visiting the facitlity..... adengappaaaaa..over hype as he is coming to this facility for the first time. I have heard that his speeches are really interesting and entertaining and i was actually looking forward to it..... .He was going on and on about what is going to be done in future... and sounded exciting..

we had one hour of this and then all of us got free stickers to promote the future project of the company.. Nice stickers for car.. ( car yaaru kuduppaa.... enna maathiri aalukku ellam idha otta???

Met a guy who has achieved quite a lot and a very inspiring personality.. he made my DAY.....after this I felt like going home.. ( quite a long day.. ;))


Engey sellum indha "Journey????"

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Time travel... Well today morning this topic flashed for an instantaneous second and then i continued with my day's work.At night I read about the dream BLOG : 2050 -A journey made the thought of "time travel" to flash again in my mind..and then I visited a blogger's site who has described himself as "time traveller"...3 times the same topic popped into my mind.. oh my god..couldnt resist it now.. writing the 2nd blog....

What is Time travel ?? It is an abstract topic of discussion yet an interesting one. I welcome all your thoughts and comments on this.FEEL FREE TO SAY WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT TIME TRAVEL...


"thollai" kaatchigal

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Having your own life even among strangers : "privacy"

Having your own food habits : "lifestyle"

Identifying native : "tongue"

Paying the utilities : " responsiblility"

Searching for apartments with desis : " sulekha"

There are certain things that cannot be expressed in words..... For 'that'thing you need to EXPERIENCE it ..


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Ezhuthu kooti padikkum en iniya thamizh thozhar- thozigaley

People who read tamil alphabet by alphabet would have read the first and the second word in a similar fashion (Kelari kilariya siripalai…huh!#$#^%&^?)

In school we had this interactive class where it was made sure that every student in the class participated. The game of the day was that you should list out 5 random years or dates significant in your life and your partner should guess correctly. We would get points. This meant a lot to all of us at that time as we could earn stars based on the points we win.

Teacher : Hey “A” can you please stand up and tell the dates you guessed about your partner?
A: Year 1982 .. it was his birth year
Teacher : Ok
A: Year 1985 .. his younger brother was born
Teacher : Fine and did you guess it?
A: Yes. The third date was 19XX and this was the year his parents got married
[ One more question was also told by Mr.A]
Teacher : Looks like you guessed everything? What about the last one ?
A : No Ma’am. The last year he had written was 1991 and….
Teacher : So what was the significance of that year that you were not able to guess?
A: When I asked him he said : “ That was the year when my dad became bald”

The whole class roared with laughter. The teacher could not control herself. This was the most mischievous guy of my class and yeah.. avan thaan namba – Gowri kilariya siripallai..

Naan munumunukkum paadal :

Almost a month ago we got in touch and he called me from Europe :

G : Hey sukku ( my school nick name added to this) yaarunu kandupidi ?
S : Hey gowri epdi irukkey ??
G : Parava illayey kandu pidichutiye … hehehee
S : Appuram sollu how is life ? Romba maaritiya school appuram??
G : Hey un kural phonela romba maari pochu.. namba enna oru 9th or 10th lasta pathirupoma??
S : hey gowri.. namba idhan first time phonela pesarom.. schoola phonela namba pesinadhey kidaiyadhu.
G: hey aaamam correct .. ( I was roaring with laughter with the serious tone in which he was analyzing how much my voice has


Enzoiiii life… :)

suthanthira dinam...

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Time to show your innner ferocious sleeping lion to the world..'patriotism'..such a wonderful feeling that cannot be explained in mere words..... its like a smell of fresh air...

Well another important thing is that no matter where you are ... you are still patriotic towards your country. I have seen a lot of people complaining about BRAIN drain ... but if they get a chance to go abroad, they would be more than happy to grab that chance.. (Hypo..hypopotamasa???... illayey.. aaah.. hypocrites :)

Well I watched Mangal Panday by aamir and I think he has a good timing of releasing the movie about a forgotten freedom fighter. The widely spoken about freedom fighters are those who were alive on that magical day of Aug 15 1947. The earlier efforts of people in different parts of the country to give all of us this wonderful gift is not widely spoken.The poems of Barathiyar brought into light some of the fighters efforts but still there are more MANGAL PANDEY's whose efforts are not known to us.Does it mean our records of history is not upto the mark?? or does it mean those freedom fighters were modest not to identify themselves or does it mean they thought it was their duty towards their motherland and had no need to brag about it?? Hmm.. I think our present day politicians should answer all these questions instead of posing for Media.. lol... The Charector of "GORDAN" in mangal pandey was really impressive. For all we know there might have been more britishers like him.. Hats off to the guy who played Gordan.. am sure his acting would be well awarded..

Cutting there are many more things we all have to think about.. adukku munnadi.. HAPPY INDEPENDANCE DAY TO ALL YOU FELLOW INDIANS OUT THERE..
and guess wht.. on this memorable date.. india is completing 2 yrs of independance from me guessed it completing my 2 yr here :)

One thing we have lost on gaining this neighbours..."And last but not the least...wishing all my dear pakistani neighbours .. HAPPY INDEPENDANCE DAY WISHES".. waiting for yet another magical date...the day when both these lands are going to become once like before
sukku (posting at 12 am IST : aug 15, 2005)

Oru maasam aachu..;)

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Nanri makkaley...ennaiyum oru bloggera consider panni ...ennoda postukku ivlo feedback kudutha unga ellarukkum ...Nanri...

idho...with just 4 posts...i have completed my first month as a blogger. Someone asked me today at 10.30 pm as to when I started blogging and when I looked back ..I saw that my first post was exactly a month flies away like anything....One whole month...and already I have so many new blogger friends.....

Frankly speaking I opened an id as blogger to leave commment on satya's blog. I have never considered myself a good composition writer and was scared to start my own blog...but then..after reading couple of blogs of satya..i thought...let me also try to post something funny and people shld only laugh... seeing my posts...(ellarum kalla kaila edupathu theriyudhu...) cos till now i have not posted anything funny.. I think writing funny articles also require some talent.....

anyways...will soon write out a funny blog or try to recall some funny incident...

ungalai adathu murai ennudaya ezhuthukkaloda sandhikkum varai....


F.R.i.E.n.D.s....4 ever

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Friendship....hmmm it is a wonderful feeling to be shared.If you start writing about friendship, am sure all of us can write as much as our university answer papers. I dont want to write all that story and make you all go senti ....

This post is dedicated solely to my childhood friend.I really miss her and I wish her Good wishes for a wonderful life. Happy frienship day en priya-maanavaley...

To all of you out is true that one relationship that is in our hands to choose is our friend. HAppy friendship day to all of you. Have fun and make more friends..what do we got to loose in adding more friends to the friend list?

take care

NaaN Romba busyeeeeeeeeee....

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Enna da.. romba naal kazhichu blog panrennu indha titleaaaa?? Illa...appuram??

Oh yes you are right..most of you would have been reminded of the cute lil boy running around the house shouting at his mom this famous “junior horlicks” dialog…. ( trisha mattum nyapagathukku vandha maaakaley….i mean makkaley…avaloda payyana oru kutty payyan varuvaan andha adla)……..that dialog is true to fit to the frame of most of our lives. All of us are so busy with studies/work/sports/entertainment etc..that we forget one of the most important value : Courtesy

When we sit back at the end of the day and try to recall that entire day, we would realize that we have met so many people from dawn to dusk, who would have knowingly or unknowingly would have affected our life. Do you remember how many of them you spoke to and what you spoke to them or do you even remember looking up at some of their faces?? In our busy live style we have forgotten this essential moral value : courteousness. We meet so many people whose small actions might have helped us in survival of that day but then we would not have even said a “thank you” to them.

Oh my god…why am I writing about this topic ..well today I helped one guy in my work place. After about 20 minutes he added me to his IM and said “ thank you”. He was in a senior position than me and I was little surprised and asked if he wanted any other help. He replied saying that since I was not around when he left my table, he had added me to his IM to say “thank you”. He also added the additional comment that he did not want to be added into the categorized list of ‘morons’ who don’t have the time to even say “Thanks” once their job is done. Though it was none of my business, I tried to justify those people’s attitude saying that they might have been busy with their work tension that they might forget to thank for the small help extended to them. His reply was that if they could remember to breathe in their busy schedule, they should also be able to remember to be courteous.

Idhukkum namba kutty herokkum enna connection??? The habit of being polite or courteous should be cultivated at the age of our busyeeeeeeeeeeeeee boy.

Other than "thank you" other polite gestures like "Hi, how are you doing today?" or " Take care" or "Have a nice day" are commonly used by people in countries like US and UK. I can hear a lot of people reading this blog complaining that most of these people dont even wait for a response. I do agree to that, but these small gestures can sometimes brighten someone's day. Try it out and do let me know how you feel when you are polite to people around you.

Last but not the least - " "Keep smiling, you will never know who falls in love with your smile"

take care
sukku :)