Oru naalil oru varudam parisadaithen :-)

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First of all I would like to thank all my friends, my fellow bloggers, family and many more people who wished me on my b'day :-)

Well one day changes your age by one number snatching away the smaller number u r currently holdin :-) At certain stages in your life you could be happy on growing old.. at certain stage u r lil shy to tell ur age out.. and over a couple of yrs later .. u just stop counting :-D...not that u dont want to...just that u dont want to hurt others by telln them..sm of us might shock others.. sm might end up shocking ourselves ;-)..lol...

Another strange thing.. i have noticed.. least for me.. I have only a handful of them who have been wishing me consistently over years.. but there are some people who might b wishing u this yr.. but over yrs.. u might lose touch with them.... for all those who still remem my spl day but cud not reach me... I still realize ur gud wishes are always with me..n I wud thank all those ppl for all those untold wishes :-).... (i do miss hearn ur wishes in ur own voices though)

Strange as I already said...one day gains the big prize of one year to your age :-)... jus that unique date is different for all of us.. so there are 365 magic days ..each one of us havn diff magical dates.. but just one day in the year gains all of us an additional year.. that's jan 1st ....romba kadi pottuteno..

Once again.. thank you for all ur wishes.. me esc for another wild party ;-)



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Getting into the blog world helped me in one time when I felt really lonely. It brought to me a whole new world of friends. F.R.I.E.N.D.S. from different parts of the world. Some of the new acquitances helped me in getting to know a lot of other old lost contacts too :-)

I really enjoy and wait for updates in some of the bloggers blogs. This is not to race anybody else and to post a comment but just cos I really enjoy their blogs..One such blog is murali's . The first time when I read his blog I misread Manapathippu as Manathavippu...but I really feel Manathavippu makes more sense. His voice is really amazing. Their is some magic in SPB's voice. This guy tries to bring in that magical effect. He sings malayalam songs too. Though I dont understand the language, Im one of the admirer of that nasal lingo (jus the lingo??? ;-))....In some songs he brings in the effects of Yesudas and in some it is SPB. I was amazed to learn the guy's interest in music without a formal education in music.

This post is specially dedicated to his magical voice : Murali every time we hear your voice.. it is not just a Manapathippu ( not just a memory note we make).. but it is a Manathavippu (some stirred up emotions) which only magical voices and music can bring on any individual.


Manam Magizhuthu

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For people who know me pretty well or rather for people who read my blog regularly, Im sure you all must be aware that I love to have friends and get really excited when Im with them..

I got a chance to get in touch with 3 of my school mates today. Got emails from 2 of them.. its been almost 9 yrs and the third one, I got a chance to talk to her after 7 yrs... wow... its such a wonderful feeling you get when you talk to them.. something runs inside your body which makes u really really jump with energy...transforms your voice into a charged music...wow...its so unexplainable... I really have no words to explain it out.. but would love to discuss this with a neuro to find out.. why our body goes through such emotions.... Am so damn excited to hear all the missing year stories about their lives and all the new things happening to them. Most of them are in the transition of their marital status, some of them are relocating cities or even countries and some of them are hopping jobs. The best part is that, the missing years have cultivated more fondness in our hearts and makes us recall our forgotten faces and names of our fellow class mates as though we are about to win a million $$$ if we recall their names....

Also .. late in the night.. got a chance to catch up with another friend after almost 8 months..though our conversation started with a bitter note over yahooo... we gradually... tried to fill the gap mutually..we did talk a lil n fight a lil or rather tease a lil ....

anyways.. after a long time.. I was happy to be able to communicate to some of my friends.

Also, I still have something lacking.. behing the back of my mind.. am still searching for some other friends of my past.. whom I would love to catch up with ... but have no idea how to locate them :-)


Therthendukka vaaippu(gal??)

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Back on track !!!

We all have so many choices in front of us for so many different things in our lives. Starting from the tooth brush to toilet tissues to almost everything we have so many different choices to pick up from. This portrays active competition. This also has brought an enormous growth to visual media and ad-world. Different thinking and peculiar yet interesting ideas from the young minds of ad film makers to show the best of their product to this world. Many of us would love to watch the commercials played on the TV rather than the actual Soap. Well one thing is we cannot directly attack a product's name in India whereas in US we can actually do that.

Now what are the other things that we shop for and find having so many choices? Well for sure, your field of education is somethign you can shop and choose from. This again has been limited with the COUNSELLING policy in India ( Tamil nadu esp). Again, how many of us get our choices to choose from when we have job offers ??$$$$$$?? More than the profile on which we want to work it is the sign in between the Q marks that change the path of our careers as we move on.

Again another thing we can choose for.. is our friends. We might meet so many different kinds of people when we move from home for work or study. Not everybody can be nerdy to spend all their time alone. There are still normal people like me out there to hunt for good friends. Talking to anybody and everybody in an amicable manner is a habit you can develop. It is not tough if you are really not so picky. At the same time, you really dont feel like sharing your personal life or problems or ideas with any random person. Human nature is to pick and choose the person they are most comfortable with to become friends with. This usually takes some time..maybe a few hours to a few days to a few weeks depending on the nature of the individual

When there are so many choices out there, we really find ourselves needlessly spending a lot of time thinking and analysing wht to choose and shop for...be it for friends... to studies .... to job.. to car.. to apartments for rent or buying to almost everything......

Im just wondering how many of the choices you make can be changed when you really think you made a wrong choice the first time???

The more confused you are the more you wish you were as happy as this cute one is out here !!!!!!!!!!!



Indha naal !@!$@!$#@%#@%??????

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Ippo ellarumey hibernation announce pannitu thaan blog-leave podaraanga... aaana naan idhulayum konjam somberi...sollama leave eduthuten.....

Ovvoru naalum Iniya naalaga irukkanumnu thaan ninaikarom....adhey pola thaan innaikkum ennoda naal arambichudhu...arai thookathula ezhunthu...paadhi thookathula shower adiyila nanaidha appuram thaan muzhithen..... 'ada paavigala...indha kuliril... pachai thanni thaan varudhu'....2 mins maggi fan pola dress maathi.. bus kku lateaaa apdinu yosichukittey oru car mela modhina... luckily was my colleague...hopped in n got out at parking lot...man.. another day in office... huh!@!#@!$#!@... poi system on panni login panna.. good news.....thaathukku pudhu velainu oru offline message n post vera....adha paarthu congradulate panni..mail chk panna...totally mood off agura maathiri oru email....MAIL MAKES UR DAY MOST UNFORGETTABLE - mar 2,2006 :-)......

Indha naal... iniya naal thaana??? oru nalla news..innoru...upset pannura news...meedhi naal poora.. naanum ennoda mind wandering smwhere else...well too many nostalgic memories... making me more homesick than ever before...been homesick for a couple of days now.. but today the feeling was different...need for the support n warmth of the home when i physically don't wanna go home :-(...friends are always there to b ur backup... but how much does everybody know whts running behind the face that smiles ?????? well..nywayz...