Manam virumbhum mannam :-)

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Did I tell you I was busy with the search??? Believe me, I never thought this was going to be so painful. It took me almost a week to decide what I wanted. At last...thank all my lucky stars....I got what I wanted :-)

'Paint the town in pink' is the untold rule in the family.The excitement grows uncontrollably to reach the sky. You are the celebrity at home and people shower you with all that you can ask for :-). You are the most wanted person for that span of 'celebration time'.

Waiting to meet all your friends and family, hugs n swt kisses from your lil cousins...(oh my god.. they are all grown up to become teen agers soon !!!) n many more new surprises to come.

Its the time to be rejoiced..a happy vacation back to your home country is all that I want this moment...

Manam virumbhum mannam... ennadhu mannin mannam :-)


Thudikkum thuligal

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The days have been fairly busy and with not much happening in life, could not think of a topic to scribble about. Moreover the time I used to spend with blog reading has reduced.

What am I doing with all the free time I used to have... well interests have changed into other new spheres and I have started reading books and watching documentaries ( hehehe.. the movies I watch are close to being called this way)..

One of the other biggest time killer... is guess what .. orkut. This just eats away my time when I log in. Im sure a lot of people would be using this but for me its more of a boon in disguise. I got to contact a lot of my lost friends with this community and also made a couple of new friends. Its fun to see people scrapping more than chatting. Well for a fact, many of the offices do not allow chat softwares to be installed and that has been filled in by the scraps of orkut.

Last but not the least.. with the weather getting nice and pleasant out here, why would anybody wants to sit in front of the internet? Its bright outside until almost 9 pm. Outdoor games, the ever green parks, and nice long walks in the pleasant weather eats up all my time..

Time flies and within a wink of the eye and almost its been a month I posted in my blog. Howmuch ever we try to have more spare time and do a lot of activities, spend time with your loved ones, this time is just not enough... it never stops to beat for anybody..... well.. my recent learnin exp ...

Idhyathai vida medhuvaaga thudithaalum enrum ayaraadhu THUDIKKUM indha THULLIGAL namadhu tharunagalai mella vizhungukiradhu...ovvuru iniya thuliyaiyum mella pathithu sellum naam enrum solla ninaipadhai thalli poda koodathu..

Well it all seems like yest, the last time I spoke to my friend was almost 2 yrs ago. He was always a bubbly guy and an intelligent chap. Busy lives and the distance made us to really drift apart. The last time I heard about him was that he got married. I was determined to fight with him when I go to India this time for not letting me know about it. Jus a few days back I got to knw that he died in an accident. The mock anger which I had for him, the quarrel I had planned to have with him and then was planning to tease him to the core ;-)... all this had to be done only in my dreams now. I would never be able to do all this now. I could have emailed him but I thought I would postpone it till I go to india this time. I felt really terrible for letting myself wait this stupidly to hear the horrifying news. I wish I could be there to console his family though nothing could give that wonderful guy back to them. May his soul rest in peace. I surely miss a good friend, mentor, a wonderful coll sr ...and wish all this was a dream from which I would want to wake up from...