Oru thuli visham

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  The study of humans are ever fascinating. One of my favourite hobbies when I travel and don't have a book handy to kill time is to look around at the different people and sometimes end up wondering what kind of a person they might be.

In my earlier blog post, I have spoken about first impressions. But there is more to first impressions. Well you might like someone after spending considerable amount of time getting to know them and the first impression of them could be erased from your mind.

Also over time, I learnt there was more to impressions. 

To err is human and I'm no exception to that. My personal experience with one person had formed some kind of pre-set aversion to one sect of people ( I swear this is not a racist feeling .. but let's just call them a 'sect' for reference).

I usually end up having healthy arguments with a friend and I ended up realizing as to how one person's behavior has caused this aversion in my mind towards that entire sect. I was not willing at first to lose my side of the argument. Slowly I began to see how true my friend's argument was. 

One person does not represent the entire sect of people. His actions, reactions, social conduct etc etc only speaks for himself but not for his entire sect. He only portrays his attitude to society but does spoil the reputation of the entire sect he represents. I wonder how many others have been hurt like me through him that they just form hatred and alienate that 'sect' of people from their lives.

I can think of many more examples in which we spoil things for the society. 

Classic example : This country(USA) gives a wonderful opportunity for shoppers to buy stuff they need, take it home and then return it if for some reason their purchase is not suitable for their needs. A small percentage of the country's population has misused this luxury, that retailers have changed their exchange policy.

Now, even if a person genuinely wants to return an electronic item to the store cause it did not satisfy his needs @ home loses 15% of the cost of the item when he returns it. He is now being punished for the people who exploited this luxury.

"Oru thuli visham" unavil kalandalum, adhu anaivaraiyum kollum enbathai ninaivil kondu, varum santhathikku nallathor ulagam padaipom  :-)



Comment by Random Access on 6:58 AM

Quite true... Same here @ the other end of the world in a different context.. Fines have been introduced in public transport for the first time to punish ppl who dont pay...

But if you look at it in the big picture, security itself is needed only from a very small portion of people, and so many billions on that.. just to guard against that small sect of people.. its the way life is..

The sum of the parts is more than the whole, sumtimes..

Random Access
The search has just begun !!!

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