Seethai mechum Raavanan

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Cinematography was excellent...started off by Manikandan and completed by Santhosh Sivan... was beyond words...

Vikram has done justice to his role both as Veera and as Dev. He has proved that apart from director bringing out the best, its totally upto the actor to excel in any role.. kudos to Chiyaaaan.. he has time and again proved he can perform even after a 'Kandasamy' !!!

Abhishek has competed well against Vikram as 'Beera' but if you watch both the languages you will not be able to stop comparing how natural and effortless Vikram has performed the same role :-)...even though Abhi could off the natural look needed to be Beera.

Priyamani...though it was a short and swt role... the lovely looking damsel did absolute justice to the sister role....wonder why she doesnt get more tamil opportunities... maybe cos she looks too much of a next door girl, can talk well in tamil (main reason for her not getting lead roles) and can really dominate the screen against heroes on-screen...

Prithviraj... this eye candy surely looks his age when appearing on the same frame with Aish ;-).......but when it comes to acting.. once again Vikram has shown way more maturity as "Dev" compared to Prithvi. The simple scene where "Dev" learns that Ragini has been kidnapped says it all. Well there is not much one can do when competing against a veteran like Vikram.

Music...sounds better in hindi.. lyrics in tamil do not blend that well.. there are instances where the songs make u feel like you are watching a dubbed movie. Singer Karthik stole the limelight in both the languages :-)... ARR BGM rocks !!

Aish... green eyes, fair skinned, gorgeous costumes...that's about it. I do not see any value being added by her to that role other than her "natural" features. Aish seemed to fit better in hindi though her dubbing voice in tamil seemed way too irritating....its high time she learned to act ( ouchhhhh). I could not help but constantly think of other actresses to replace her in this role. I almost screamed when I could recall the beautiful Vidya Balan.... ( enna Mani sir... marandhuteengala ;-))

Others.. Govinda sticks to your heart in the same role compared to Karthik and Prabhu was better compared to his hindi counter part...

The dialogs in tamil version in certain places made it feel like a dubbed movie. Suhasini's attempt to write did not work AT ALL....esp her attempts to sound like Manirathnam movie dialogs :-)..... made it only worse....

Overall... thanks to the cinematographers for a visual treat !! (2.5/5)


Anonymous on 4:32 AM

Hai sukhanya,

It seems your thoughts and writings are amazing. Why can't you write in Tamil (mother tongue?)..

Your friend


Comment by cutefreaky on 2:26 PM

Thanks Mr. Ravi. I would absolutely love to write in tamil. However most of my blog readers ( friends) dont know to read tamil and therefore I had to start posting in English ( based on Tamil) hybrid posts :-).

I would love to write more and will try to post more.


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